If elected an MP I pledge to:

End Hartlepool child food poverty - I’ll give more than half my MP salary to Hartlepool food banks. MPs should not be there to enrich themselves but to help people. I’ll fight to address the issue of child food poverty in Hartlepool.

Get Hartlepool more jobs –I believe the best way to get businesses to invest and attract others is to lead by example. Over the last 5 years - I’ve come to Hartlepool, invested my money into a bar on the marina and created jobs. I’m confident I can show why Hartlepool is a great place to start, relocate and run a business. I’ll create a monthly business networking event where any Hartlepool business can come to discuss issues, get help and network.

End lockdowns - vulnerable adults have been vaccinated or offered one, lockdowns cost jobs and bankrupt businesses.  I’ll work to end lockdowns, restore civil liberties that have been taken away and vote to keep the right to protest and judicial review.

Get the Hospital services back to hartlepool - I'll fight to restore the hospital services to Hartlepool. It's ridicolous that a town of 90 thousand dosen't have a A & E. The Labour MP Candidate Dr Paul Williams was a director of a company (Hartlepool and Stockton Healthcare Ltd) that makes money from blocking your referral to hospital. This is ethically wrong.  I will oppose all privatisation of the NHS because people’s health is too important.

Get Hartlepool a University – this is key to attracting more employers, boost the local economy with student spend and prevent brain drain.

End Hartlepool neglect – Hartlepool is an easy target for central government funding cuts which has led to the council nearly being bankrupt, hospital closure and no police cells on a night. This is because the MPs and councillors are mostly party first, Hartlepool second. Most that are selected to run for MP have no connection to the area and won’t stand up to their party paymasters in fear of being deselected. I won’t have this mentality and will fight to highlight and end this neglect.

Get tourists to Hartlepool– Hartlepool can have a great tourism industry by having a joined up digital marketing strategy to promote the various destinations as one. The marina, headland and Seaton Carew all have key attractions. Parking needs to be made or kept free across all these areas to attract and create jobs.

If I’m elected as a councillor in the headland and harbour ward I will:

End vanity projects - I’ll object to and call out all wasteful vanity projects by councillors and politicians which don’t result in job creation and a reasonable return on investment.

End corruption – Eliminate the loopholes that councillors use to enrich themselves. One such loophole is the creation of a charity, award the charity a lucrative contract via the charity and pay themselves a massive wage/dividend as a director of the charity.